Jack was born and raised in Muhuru bay in Migori district in western Kenya. Inspired by his past, he went on a mission to change the healthcare system in the region through community relevant services.

Childhood dream to start health centre becomes a reality

Having lost his father at the age of 4, he lived most of his life without a father.The pain was too much for him to bear.  But it was even worsened by the realization that he lost his father to malaria atreatable infection. His mother, who was barely in her twenties at that time, was so traumatized that she had to be taken for medical assistance. He had to part ways with her as she could no longer take care of him and his other 3 siblings. Being the first borne in the family, he had to guide and feed his siblings . At times he could go fishing only to return home empty handed to the disappointment of his ailing mother. The night would pass in their grass thatched house. It reached a time when the roof could not hold anymore but still they had to spend their nights inside because there was no other place to go. Rainy seasons were terrible. I remember one day when my mother came home after spending a cold night at the lakeshore for the early fish catch, only to find that the house was almost crumbling. She could no longer take the suffering anymore and threw herself inside the house to be buried inside with it.


 As a young boy, I could not understand why I had lost so many of my loved ones to sicknesses which were treatable. One case which I can never forget was when I went to visit my sick aunt on her bed only for her to collapse in front of me. The memories of that day have haunted me for a longtime, I felt so responsible for her death as I could do nothing but watch her struggle in her last moments as I scream for help. I could not understand loosing 6 members of my family in a single year to common illnesses, it hurt so much. I wanted to change how people perceived such illnesses, to change their beliefs about diseases, to give them working solutions so that they would stop relying on herbs which were unproven to cure their diseases? I blamed this on the lack of facilities. Something had to be done about this, because life is so precious and deserves care.


After a long struggle at the countryside; trying to balance between providing for my family and going to school, I joined my aunt in Nairobi at the Mathare slums in such of good education. She sold  fish in the slum and managed to save  a little despite the conditions to help me clear primary school. I managed to pass my final examinations and was invited to join Jamhuri high school,  formerly, The Duke of Gloucester. She could not raise enough money to enroll me to school. Through fundraising, I found support from well wishers who contributed money which was enough to enroll me into my  first year in high school. Through determination and hard work, I stunned the administration with an excellent performance considering that I had been absent from school for most parts of the year due to lack of school fees. As a result of this, I was offered a scholarship by the Jayant Ruparel foundation, a school based initiative, catering for the needy but bright students in the school. Being a day school, life was not easy. With the conditions back in the slum, studying became much harder. With no room to study, no lighting and no resting place, life was just a test for me. There were days when I could go hungry and wake up to go to school on an empty stomach. Without the bus fare, I could embrace walking for over 10 kilometers to school hoping for brighter days ahead. At times the challenges grew so great that I  opted to quit school and return to the village. However, the thirst for education was too great that it was hard to let go. Occasionally I spent nights on classroom desks for the sake of finding a comfortable place to study and to avoid the never ending problems back at home.


Through dedication and tolerance, I sat for my final high school national exams. I exceeded my teachers’ expectations by recording an excellent performance in the national exams and I  was considered for the Government of Kenya scholarship to study a degree course in Biochemistry at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya.


Motivated by my past I set up to write a better future for my country in terms of healthcare provision. To help reduce the unnecessary losses of lives; so that no single child would be orphaned due such illnesses/diseases which are treatable. With the aim of give hope, I started on a project to open a clinic in my rural home to improve the healthcare services in the area. At the age of 19 when I was a first year in the university, I set up a clinic in the village from the little savings I made from farming. By the time I was joining my second year in college, the clinic was already operational providing hope to the young and elderly mothers, children, men and the youth. Through an individual based attention, the clinic was already touching the hearts of many in the region. Serving people from as far distance as across the Kenyan-Tanzanian border. Through commitment to what we do, my team has brought hope to many youths with whom I consider as peers. We face the future with hope knowing that life holds hope for a better tomorrow.


We partner with and refer to regional hospitals to ensure that all our patients’ needs are met. We partner with government ministries to improve the quality of healthcare delivery through consultations and guidance.


The organization welcomes Ms. Alyssa Lutz. She is the director in charge of the operations, planning and marketing. Her dedication to the well being and success of this organization can only be described as most noble. She offers the best ideas into the organization and with her leadership; we can only strive to serve many Kenyans and the people all over East Africa.


Board of directors:



  • Jack Hisard-Founder and CEO
  • Dr David Ongoro Akuku
  • Bishop Raphael Ajimba
  • Duncan Oranda Odero
  • Julia Wangari
  • Chacha Eli Thomas
  • Japteth Masina
  • Patrick Okere

Our programs are accessible to a vast majority of people. By providing affordable healthcare services, the patients’ needs are therefore cheaply catered for. However we require support from our most esteemed well wishers. To donate for the support of our services please contact this Email :info@mamaclinic.org

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